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May 19 2016

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Overwatch, a new era of shooter games

Blizzard came up with the great idea of making a shooter game that will make a revolution between these types of games. Overwatch is their new game and it’s incredibly different as compared to the popular shooters that we play these days - click to play here.

There are indeed some games which will seem to be very similar to Overwatch and there will be lots of people that will claim the fact that Blizzard inspired from some not very popular games, but I can’t see the problem here as long as they managed to create an incredible game and they are able to make it so popular by using their name. It’s an important company in the gaming industry and never let us down so far.

Overwatch is available now for pre-order and every store have all kinds of promotions if you order it now, which is great, because you will eventually buy it and you can make an effort to buy it now and receive some presents - use top information and you will be the winner.

Blizzard made it once again into the tops with a new game and it’s not surprising anymore and they have the best marketing team in my point of view, because the trailers and all the commercials of this game are more than amazing and make you want to buy the game. I don’t say that you will buy the game because of the marketing, because it’s a great game, but this will inform you a lot more about the release of the game.

There aren’t too many people that played the game yet, but there still are some gameplays online from the players that tested the game and as far as the comments say, the game will be a massive hit, because lots to be extraordinary. I am sure that this game will win players that aren’t fans of shooting games, because it has some many great things in it that will take you in.

If you didn’t hear about the newest game of Blizzard, Overwatch you heard now and you must quickly search for the trailer and gameplays to check it out. 

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